Drew Brees’ Kids Are Also Taking the Jimmy Graham Trade Pretty Hard (Tweet)

Jimmy Graham trade

I don’t know what it is about Jimmy Graham that kids love so much, but the children of New Orleans sure are throwing fits now that the star tight end is leaving town for Seattle.

First it was this girl, and now Drew Brees‘ kids are sobbing about the Jimmy Graham trade. Well, according to this pic, one of them is sobbing.  The other is just sort of looking around like, “What the hell is football?” because it’s a baby, and babies are fairly ignorant.

That’s right. I called Drew Brees’ infant “ignorant.” At least when it comes to matters of football.

Here’s the Tweeted pic of Drew Brees’ kids taking the Jimmy Graham trade pretty hard:

Think Drew Brees’ kids are crying because they actually liked Jimmy Graham or because dad lost his favorite target?

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