Single ESPN Vine Illustrates the Insanity of NFL Free Agency (Video)

NFL free agency

In case you were in a country that doesn’t have internet or, I don’t know, in a coma since Sunday, the NFL free agency season began on Monday afternoon. And for whatever reason, teams went abosolutely apeshit. Rosters across the league exploded like an atomic bomb, scattering players everywhere. There were major free agent signings, like Darelle Revis returning to the Jets. And there were major trades, like the Eagles and Rams swapping injured quarterbacks.

In the end, not a single team failed to make at least one move on the first day of the NFL’s new fiscal year. And that led to hilarious articles like this.

Of course, one way to summarize the insanity would be to list every transaction that took place. But since that would be long and no fun to read, let’s just look at this Vine from ESPN. They put the names of every team in a circle, then drew lines between them for every player cut, signed, or traded.

The end result looks like one of those maps illustrating nuclear armageddon from the movie War Games.

Check it out:

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what happens on draft day.

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