Gio Gonzalez Gets 10 ‘Meows’ in During a Spring Training Interview (Video)

Gio Gonzalez

More breaking sports news from spring training: Baseball players are screwing around during spring training. More on this story as it develops. 

Spring training is a proud tradition involving players hanging out in Arizona and Florida along with fans who make the trip because they have FAR too much time on their hands. However, there are glimpses of awesomeness during all the warm-ups, stretching, and light jogging for 90 feet.

Gio Gonzalez of the Washington Nationals did his best to cram as many “meows” into his interview as humanly possible, a la Super Troopers. He’s not the first person to have done this, but 10 might be a record. It’s a good thing that Max Scherzer was nearby to keep score and egg him on.

Here’s the clip:

He starts off with a quick “Right meow” and doesn’t look back. I don’t know how much Gio Gonzalez is getting paid this year, but I think the Nats should triple it. He should be the highest-paid person in sports until someone else can cram more “meow”s into an interview.

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