Behind the Back Alley-Oop. From Halfcourt. By Jalen Adams. That’s All. (Video)

Jalen Adams

You might not know the name Jalen Adams, but this clip, along with his climbing recruiting stock, will likely change that now. Adams is one of the highest-regarded high school players, and while this play doesn’t really speak to his fundamentals, it’s pretty damn cool nonetheless.

Everything you need to know is in the title, and no, I wasn’t exagerating. It was a behind the back alley-oop from halfcourt to a teammate who threw it down WITH A REVERSE DUNK. Is it just me, or are high school players getting better?

Here’s the clip:

How ridiculous and arrogant would he have looked if he missed that? Well, it’s moot, because he nailed it. And now the clip is going viral.

This Jalen Adams kid seems to know what he’s doing. It will be fun to watch him in college.

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