Aaron Hernandez To-Do List from Day of Murder Includes Reminder to “Troll” (Pic)

aaron hernandez to-do list troll

Prosecutors in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial don’t have a literal smoking gun. In fact, they don’t have any gun. The .45 calibre Glock used to murder Odin Lloyd was never found.

What prosecutors do have is an Aaron Hernandez to-do list recovered from his Blackberry. The most important item on that list is probably “send rounds.” It presumedly refers to rounds of ammunition and, who knows, could even be a euphemism for “murder Odin Lloyd” the day of Lloyd’s murder.

The least important but definitely funniest item on the Aaron Hernandez to-do list? “Troll.”

Troll who? We don’t know. But if it weren’t for the fact that he probably murdered three people in cold blood, I’d totally be a huge Aaron Hernandez fan. Because I love non-homicidal trolls.

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]

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