Butler Bulldog Pukes on Arena Floor As an Omen of Things to Come (Pics)

Butler Bulldog

We’re starting to get into the thick of March Madness, but let’s not go too fast too soon, because that might cause a dog to puke on the MSG floor during the Big East tournament.

Hmm. That may have been an oddly specific consequence, but it happened last night. The Butler Bulldog must have had a case of nerves or something, because he upchucked his lunch in a very prominent place before the Butler-Xavier game. Fortunately, he was fed some water and got back out there in time to get his picture taken with a hot chick. So don’t feel too bad for the Butler Bulldog. But you can feel pretty bad for Butler, as they lost their matchup against Xavier…in overtime. Ouch.

Here’s the story told via Tweet:

Again, let’s not feel bad for this guy. He’s doing fine. Except that he’s a bulldog, so he’s probably got a litany of medical issues. But that’s probably not why he puked, right? Ugh. It probably is. That makes this post less fun.

What might make it a little more fun is if you think about whether they had to restrain the dog from eating up its own puke. Now THAT would have been funny.

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