Cycling Spectator Grabs Handlebar, Causes Horrific Wreck that Left Aussie Cyclist with Broken Collarbone (Videos)

Cycling Spectator Grabs Handlebar

Cycling spectator grabs handlebar? You don’t have to be a big cycling enthusiast to know that’s not going to end well for whoever was on the bike.

Sure enough for Austalia’s Loren Rowney, it did not.

Rowney was just meters away from the finish line in the Drentse 8 in The Netherlands this week and looking to finish somewhere in the top three when, out of nowhere, a fan reached out and grabbed her handlebar as she sped by.

A lot of news outlets are saying the act appeared to be intentional. However, replays are not 100% conclusive. The man was slapping the advertising hoarding that lined the course just like everyone else as the cyclists whizzed by. It’s quite possible that he just flapped his arm out a little too far at the worst possible moment. Crazier things have happened.

But whether it was intentional or not doesn’t really matter for Rowney. After taking a horrific spill that left her with a broken collarbone, she slid across the finish line and finished in seventh place.

Take a look:

Fortunately, Rowney seems to be taking the wreck in stride:

Here’s hoping she makes a smooth and (relatively) speedy recovery.

Hat Tip – [Sydney Morning Herald via Deadspin]

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