Sketchy Dude Gets Kicked Off the Gronk Party Bus on the Sunset Strip (Video)

Gronk party bus

While getting onto the Gronk party bus is a recent dream of many people,┬áthat doesn’t mean you should weasel your way on it. However, this dude outside of 1Oak nightclub didn’t get the memo. He made a bee line for the bus as Rob Gronkowski was exiting the club, knocking over a girl in his path.

What did this dude think was going to happen? I know I’m probably giving him too much credit by presuming he thought at all, but how did this play out in his mind? Did he think that Gronk would see him on the bus and just be like, “You’re with me now, I guess.”

The Gronk party bus is a scared place, and you can’t just bully your way in there. It’s like heaven. You have to earn it.

Here’s the clip. Those security guys make Gronk look like Urkel.

Who would have thought that the Gronk party bus would be covered with ads for an energy drink? Oh yeah. Everyone.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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