Ecuadoran Goalie Maximo Banguera Plays Dead to Avoid Red Card (Video)

Máximo Banguera

Remember when you were little, and you would shoot your siblings with a BB gun, then run upstairs and pull the covers over your head, thinking that would protect you from any accusations or punishment? Maximo Banguera might be fully grown, but he still subscribes to that school of thought. And who can blame him? This was the act of a desperate, cornered man.

In danger of getting sanctioned for taking out the opposing team’s last man, ole’ Maximo did what we did when we were dumb little kids: He played dead. But not in a convincing way. Rather, he did so in a “toys in Toy Story saw Andy coming and went limp” way. It’s pretty obvious that he wasn’t dead, and even if he was, I think he’s still liable for that red card.

Check out the hilarious video:

Maximo Banguera does really try to sell it, but that just makes him seem more like a dumb kid. The goalie eventually gets up and gets the red card, so it didn’t work out very well for him, despite his best efforts.

In unrelated matters, why is he playing while wearing a baseball hat? Is that just a goalie thing? Does anyone else do that?

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