Oklahoma State’s Le’Bryan Nash Stares Down OU Cheerleader After Dunk (Video)

Le'Bryan Nash


While the University of Oklahoma cheerleaders are no doubt rooting against Oklahoma State in this conference game, that doesn’t mean you need to focus your rage at them if you’re an OSU player. I mean, of all the people to stare down, you pick a girl that’s sitting on the baseline, idly watching the game at that moment? It’s needlessly aggressive.

And if you were trying to flirt with her or impress her…yikes. She’s a cheerleader for the other school, which would make your relationship like Romeo and Juliet. You star-crossed lovers would never work out.

Here’s the clip. See if you can tell exactly what’s going on:

I don’t know if this Le’Bryan Nash intimidation play worked on any level,┬ábut it certainly didn’t work on the biggest level, as the Sooners used a strong second half to best the Cowboys. I guess OSU would have had to stare at like two more cheerleaders and a ballboy to take this game.