Steven Stamkos Ejected in Overtime After Accidentally Throwing Broken Stick Into Stands (Video)

steven stamkos ejected

I love the NHL. However, they’ve got to get rid of these mandatory penalties that don’t allow referees to use any discretion. Because on Thursday night these rules got Lightning superstar Steven Stamkos ejected in overtime of a crucial game against the Bruins.

The Lightning, who are battling the Canadiens for first place in the Atlantic Division, had a 4-on-3 advantage in overtime against the Bruins, who are trying to hang on to the last Wild Card slot in the East. Stamkos tried to tee up a one-timer on a pass from Victor Hedman, but his stick snapped in half. Still on the power play, Stamkos tried to fling his stick to the corner as he skated off toward the bench to get a new one. But the butt end of his stick caught on his glove a bit, and instead of throwing it down it swung up, over the glass, and into the stands.

According to NHL rules, any time a player throws a stick into the stands, it’s an automatic game misconduct. Period. No discussion, no taking the particular circumstances into account.

So that was it. Tampa lost their best player at the most crucial point of the game because of a minor accident. Boston goes on to win in a shootout.

Take a look for yourself:

Seriously, that’s really stupid right? It’s not just me?

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