Here’s The 2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket, Ready For Your Wild Guesses (Pic)

2015 NCAA Tournament Bracket

We’ve got all the entrants, and we’ve got all the seeds. So after a week of March Pre-Madness Madness, we’re ready to get to work on the 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket. If you’re reading this website, and are this proactive in chasing this document down, you probably don’t need an explanation of how it works, but we’ll give you one anyway:

For the next 48 hours or so, you’re going to pretend like you know jack squat about college basketball while making tiny upsets and predictions that make it appear that you aren’t just predicting based on seeding, which would honestly be the smartest move. The people who put this 2015 NCAA Tournament bracket together know more about college basketball than you do. There’s no shame in substituting their judgment for your own.

You can check out a larger image of the bracket by clicking on the pic up top—if you’re one of those Luddites who is going to print it up and fill it out with pen like a caveman.

There’s lots of brackets out there, but the CBS one seems to be the industry standard. Since they’re showing all the games, and you’ll likely be visiting CBS’s site throughout the tournament, it seems like as good a version to use as any.

So get out there and make your dumb picks. Lord knows everyone else will.


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