Hot Rod Driver Larry Dixon Somehow Survives Violent 280 MPH Crash (Pics and Video)

Larry Dixon

If you don’t know Larry Dixon as a professional NHRA driver, then maybe this news story will introduce him as an invincible figure who can’t be killed without curses or a special potion.

Larry Dixon was participating in an NHRA drag race when his car appears to have suffered a structural issue that caused it to basically disintegrate and jerk up once it had achieved a speed of 280 mph. Remarkably, Dixon was able to walk away with no significant injuries, but probably a pretty vivid depiction of what the afterlife looks like after surviving this ordeal.

Here’s a video of the mishap:

And some pics:

That’s some Final Destination-level death-cheating right there. I think he’s going to have to be VERY careful going through his daily life, because he might have a karmic debt to sort out.

On the other hand, it’s absolutely amazing and impressive that technology (and likely luck) allowed him to walk away.

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