Christian Laettner (Finally) Apologizes to Aminu Timberlake For Stomp (Video)

Christian Laettner apology

Christian Laettner is getting a LOT of press right about now. His ’30 for 30′ documentary, I Hate Christian Laettner, came right on the cusp of the NCAA tournament creating a perfect storm of both nostalgia and relevance. And apparently some of the attention has caused Christian Laettner to think about the things he’s done that have made people hate him.

Sitting on top of that list is likely his stomping of Kentucky’s Aminu Timberlake out of frustration during the East Regional Final of the 1992 NCAA Tourney.

Check it out:

It was blatant and obviously intentional. Laettner dodged the issue forever, and finally took his newly found time in the spotlight to apologize via a video. Here it is:

I don’t think you needed to add the part about your having played a perfect game, Christian. It’s probably things like that which cause so many people to hate you.

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