Orlando Magic Get an Interference Call After a Fan Touched a Live Ball (Video)

This story is ostensibly about a rare penalty against the Orlando Magic after a court side fan reached out for a live ball that LeBron James was trying to save. It didn’t look intentional. I say that because the guy who committed the infraction doesn’t look like he knows the first thing about the rules of basketball.  That is likely why he was afraid of the ball, and slapped it away as it was on its way out of bounds, but hadn’t yet touched the ground, making it live.

The Orlando Magic fan in question looks like he got rich by opening a chain of comic book stores or something, and asks his barber to give him the Jimmy Neutron haircut.

Here’s the clip. It’s good, but could feature more shots of the fan acting like a overwhelmed elderly lady during this fallout.


The Cavs got to keep the ball after the fan was called for interference, and ended up beating Orlando handily.

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