9 Tips for Following March Madness at Work or School

march madness at work or school

Every year around this time, millions of hard-workin’ folks around the world must deal with a very serious dilemma: how do you follow March Madness at work without getting fired?

Obviously, just forgetting about the NCAA Tournament is not an option. This is the most exciting sports tournament on earth we’re talking about here. You can’t just put that sort of thing out of your mind.

Also not options: taking sick days, or recording all the action on your DVR. Your boss will see right through the former, and no matter how much you avoid making any human contact, the d-bag running your office pool will find a way to ruin the latter.

Thus, your only option is to find a way to follow March Madness at work that won’t result in your (rightful) termination. And that’s where today’s list comes in. We’ve got some useful tips to help you keep up with the upsetsbuzzer-beaters, and cinderellas without pissing off your boss.

And yes, the tips apply to you students, too. Though frankly there’s much less at stake for you. If you get caught, you get suspended from school and grounded, but somebody’s still paying the rent and buying groceries. Really, it’s a pretty sweet gig.

But I digress. Let’s get on with the show…


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