WHOA! EA Sports Replaces Tiger with Rory McElroy for Golf Game (Pic)

EA Sports

There are certain people that are inextricably linked to the video games they sponsor. For instance, John Madden has been retired for about a decade, but any other spokesperson for the Madden NFL video games would just feel…weird. How do I know? Because EA Sports just made the announcement that they’ve pulled the ailing Tiger Woods as the cover/spokesperson for its iconic golf game. And they’ve replaced him with Rory McIlroy, who’s experiencing much more success these days.

However, it feels like it should always be “Tiger Woods Golf.” “Rory McIlroy Golf” sounds like some off-brand game you’d get for $24.99 at Wal-Mart.

Here’s the image. It will take some getting used to:

To EA’s credit, they stuck with Tiger a long time, even through his scandal. However, it’s not like that was out of charity or loyalty. I’m sure Tiger was the guy that would make that franchise the most money. Now, they clearly don’t feel that way.

Also, the name “Rory McIlroy” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It reminded me of this bit from 30 Rock:

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