Gilbert Arenas Is the Answer (Question?) to a Really Funny Jeopardy Clue (Pic)

Gilbert Arenas

When we was the last time you heard the name Gilbert Arenas? Ole’ Agent Zero sort of faded away without incident due to injury over the course of a few years, never quite obtaining the title he was destined for, “The Kanye West of the NBA.”

His legacy in the NBA mostly consists of pulling a gun on a teammate in a locker room, a story that seems even more insane almost six years after it happened. The gun was unloaded, apparently, but that really is neither here nor there. We may have forgotten the incident, but Jeopardy did not. Jeopardy never does.

So last night, Jeopardy dropped a pretty funny clue about the incident, referring to the team’s former name, the Bullets.

Here it is:

Oh, man. I’m guessing Alex Trebek read that in his usual monotone smug voice, then feigned disappointment if the first person answered wrong. Because that’s how Jeopardy is. And that’s how Jeopardy will be.

And no, I’m not going to placate people with the answer. Sports fans should know this.

But seriously, Gilbert Arenas carrying a gun in the locker room? That’s some NFL-level depravity right there.

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