ESPN Recruits Toddlers to Give Their NCAA Tournament Predictions (Video)

NCAA tournament predictions

You know what the only difference is between you giving your NCAA tournament predictions and these toddlers on ESPN giving their NCAA tournament predictions? The toddlers are adorable when they talk about the tournament. You’re probably not.

And just because you’re smug and certain that your picks are good, doesn’t make them any better. If I have to pick between listening to some lout at a bar, or some kid dressed up in a bow tie who thinks his dad is going to win the tournament, I’m putting my money on that kid’s dad.

Here’s a clip from ESPN that’s got the awesome hashtag #littleexperts:

Hmm. I like them more than Dick Vitale, but not as much as Gus Johnson.

Sure, they might take their bracket, flip it over to the blank side, and use it to draw a firetruck with machine guns, but that’s also probably a better use of one’s time than actually filling it out.

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