She May Be Six Months Pregnant, But One-Armed Bethany Hamilton Is Still Surfing (Pics)

bethany hamilton pregnant

If getting her arm bitten off by a goddamn shark didn’t keep Bethany Hamilton out of the water, it really should come as no surprise that getting pregnant wouldn’t either.

You do remember Bethany Hamilton, right? In 2003, when she was just 13, a shark bit off her left arm while she was surfing. However, a year after that horrifying day she had returned to surfing, written a book, and won the ESPY Award for “Comeback Athlete of the Year.” Then in 2011 they made a movie out of her book called Soul Surfer, and it just inspired the sh*t out of people.

Now Hamilton is 25 years old, a pro surfer, a former Amazing Race contestant, married, and six months pregnant. And of course, she is not letting a little thing like having a tiny human living inside her keep her from finding bliss on the waves. Bethany still surfs five hours a day—not to make you feel like a lazy, miserable loser (that’s just a side effect), but to prepare for the most physical event a woman can go through. (That’s child birth. Duh.)

“It’s crazy,” she says, “but I feel like I’ve done some of my best surfing prego!”

Seriously, how kick-ass is this woman?

bethany hamilton six months pregnant

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