Chinese Shaq Posterized Stephon Marbury During CBA Finals (Video)

Chinese Shaq posterize Stephon Marbury

If you care at all about the Chinese Basketball Association, you’re probably already aware of the fact that the Beijing Ducks are currently taking on the Liaoning Flying Leopards in the CBA finals. (The series is tied, 2-2.)

As for those who haven’t been keeping up with the Chinese Basketball Association’s playoffs, we’ve got you covered. Sort of.

You see, while we’re not about to give you a recap of the Ducks’ and Flying Leopards’ respective journeys to the finals, we are going to show you the greatest and only highlight you really need to see from their best-of-seven series. ┬áIt took place during Game 4 on Tuesday, when Han DeJun, a.k.a ‘ the Chinese Shaq,’ did this to Stephon Marbury:

A valiant effort by Marbury, but when a 7’1″, 300-pound dude with the nickname ‘Chinese Shaq’ is headed towards the basket at full speed, you’re probably better off getting the heck out of the way.

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