Jerk Reporters Keep Trying to Take Naked Photos of LeBron James

reporters keep trying to take naked lebron james photos

If you’re here because you Googled “naked photos of LeBron James,” I’ve got some bad news for you. The photo you see above is as graphic as things are going to get.

On the other hand, if you’re here because you want to read a weird story about sports reporters taking naked photos of LeBron James in the locker room, then you’re in luck. That’s actually what this post is about.

According to Chris Haynes of, it all started on Sunday in Orlando after the Cavs beat the Magic. LeBron James was sitting at his locker in a towel with his head down, looking at his phone. He obviously wasn’t ready to talk to the media yet, so reporters left him alone. Or at least the professional ones did. One of them apparently snapped a photo of LeBron in his towel, and LeBron caught it with his peripheral vision. He then told a team staffer about the incident, but by the time the staffer got to the reporter he or she had deleted the photo.

“That’s not cool, man,” James said afterward. “I don’t miss anything.”

Amazingly, it happened again the very next night in Miami. This time, LeBron just wanted to get his interviews over with, so he was talking to reporters while still in his towel. All of a sudden, not one but two members of the media snapped themselves some semi-naked LeBron James photos. And in this case, they were immediately kicked out of the locker room.

Now, in case you were wondering, the Cavaliers don’t permit any still photography in the locker room, and any regular NBA beat reporter would certainly know that. So what we’re probably dealing with here are some non-sports reporters who managed to finagle credentials and don’t know the rules.

Whatever the case, it’s definitely bush league. “Don’t take photos of players when they’re naked” really is common sense, is it not?

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