JJ Watt Box Jump Proves JJ Watt Can’t Do Everything After All (Pic)

jj watt box jump

We’ve already seen what a really, really insanely awesome box jump looks like today thanks to Florida State’s PJ Williams. Now we’re going to see a really bad one courtesy of footballmonster JJ Watt.

Of course, “really bad” isn’t exactly fair. The guy was trying to do a 5’1″ jump and he got up to about 4’10”, maybe 4’11”. That’s about three feet closer than I would get.

However, when you don’t successfully land a box jump, you look like a failure no matter what. Even if you are one of the greatest players in the NFL.

Check out this photo of the JJ Watt box jump attempt and see for yourself:

You’ll never know what you’re truly capable of until you’re willing to push yourself to the absolute limits. 5’1″ fail. #PoorSpotterDidntStandAChance

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Oh well. At least he still has that $100 million contract.

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