Oregon Cheerleaders in Hot Water For Dancing Too Sexy (Videos)

At the beginning of the school year, the University of Oregon announced a new campaign that was aimed at putting a stop to sexual harassment on campus.  According to Playboy, school President Scott Coltrane and Board of Trustee member Ginevra Ralph may now turn the initiative’s attention towards the Oregon Cheerleaders and their dance routine, which they feel may be too sexy for the fans at their games.

Ralph has claimed that the crowd at basketball games are “incredibly uncomfortable with the U of O cheerleaders,” adding that “they actually leave the basketball (arena) during intermission because of the overt sexual dancing, or whatever you want to call it.”  As a result, she has suggested the possibility of banning the cheerleading program completely.

Care to see an example of the type of “sexy dancing” she’s talking about? Here are a few of the Oregon Cheerleaders’ recent performances:

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That is some awfully sexy dancing, but don’t you think that putting the onus on the victim—saying cheerleaders are “asking for it” because of the way they dance—is more problematic than the sexy dancing itself?  If Coltrane and Ralph can’t agree with that, perhaps they’re not the best people to put in charge of running Oregon University’s campaign against sexual assault on campus.

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