Sevilla’s Fernando Navarro Relieves Himself on the Bench with the Help of a Teammate (Video)

fernando navarro peeing on the bench

When you gotta go, you gotta go. And on Sunday, in the middle of a game against Elche, Sevilla defender Fernando Navarro had to go. So he relieved himself right there on the Sevilla bench.

Mind you, Navarro wasn’t actually in the game at the time. He was warming up to go on as a substitution. But I guess he figured he might get the call at any moment, which lent a little bit of urgency to the situation.

Don’t worry, Navarro didn’t just whip it out and take a regular standing leak right there in front of everybody. He was sneaky about it. He asked teammate Carlos Bacca if he could borrow his jacket, and because Carlos Bacco is a true friend he lent it to him. The he helped Navarro hold the jacket up so he didn’t expose his dong to the entire world, which I assume would have resulted in some sort of fine or suspension.

Take a look:

The lesson? If you’re a sub, take it easy on the Gatorade. Those electrolytes just go right through you.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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