These March Madness Fans Are Having Way More Fun Than You (Pic)

march madness fans

How do you like to watch the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament? Do you camp out at a sports bar with some of your buddies? Put on your favorite sweatpants and set up shop on your couch? Watch on your phone while shopping for a new futon with your girlfriend at Ikea, even though she will obviously resent you for it?

Well, whatever you do, I guarantee you’re not having as much fun as the March Madness fans in this photo posted on Imgur. They throw on their basketball uniforms, rec specs, and sweatbands, head on over to the sports book at the Mirage in Las Vegas, and take in all the action while throwing back some ice cold Buds.

Check it:

march madness fans mirage sports book

Wait, what are those jerseys?

march madness fans mirage sports book copy

Yep, that’s right. That says DeVry, the for-profit McUniversity whose commercials run during The Price Is Right.

These dudes are basically living in a Budweiser commercial.

Well done, gentlemen. Whoever you are.

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