How Many Perfect Brackets Remain After Day 1? Find Out Here

Perfect Brackets - March Madness

This year, ESPN’s NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge had 11.57-million entrants.

After just the first three games of the tournament (two of which saw No. 3 seeds lose to No. 14 seeds), only 0.7% of those brackets (or 86,737) were still perfect, according to ESPNU’s Twitter account:

And by the end of Thursday’s full slate of NCAA Tournament action, only 273 brackets from ESPN’s bracket challenge were still perfect. That’s 0.00235%, for those keeping track:

Wondering how that compares to last year’s bracket challenge?

Looks like 2015 has been the year of the upset thus far.  Will that trend continue into Friday’s slate of March Madness games?  We’ll find out soon enough.

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