Arkansas’ Rashad Madden Lost His Shoe, Then This Happened (Video)

Rashad Madden lose shoe

Ever wonder what the college basketball rule was regarding incidents when a player on the bench throws his shoe at a teammate on the court?  Surprisingly, we now have an answer to that question following Thursday night’s NCAA Tournament match-up between No. 5 Arkansas and No. 12 Wofford.

It began with over five minutes remaining in the first half, when Arkansas guard Rashad Madden lost his shoe, so he kicked it into the stands:

After a couple of trips up and down the court, one of Madden’s Razorback teammates tried to help him out by throwing him a spare shoe from the bench.  It was an odd chain of events that caused the officials to whistle the play dead.

Check it out:

So what was the call?  Because they didn’t believe the act of throwing the shoe onto the court was helpful for Arkansas, the refs only issued a delay of game warning against the Razorbacks.

Hat Tip – [Vinny Vinner]

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