Stanley Johnson Dunk Prompts LeBron Comparison from Reggie Miller (Video)

stanley johnson dunk

Arizona forward Stanely Johnson had another big game for the Wildcats in their romp over Texas Southern in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday. The 6’7″, 245-pound stud freshman/soon-to-be NBA draft pick grabbed five rebounds and scored 22 points. And, with about three minutes left in the first half, Johnson took a pass on the right wing, blew past his defender, went to the hoop, and threw down a monster tomahawk jam.

Check it out:

Impressive, right?

Reggie Miller certainly thought so. He was providing commentary for the game, and he compared Johnson to a young LeBron James:

“Manchild. I’m sorry, I mean, we may be seeing the reincarnation of LeBron James. I mean, LeBron James had this type of body at his age. I mean, He just goes baseline, there’s no help… and obviously the finish and the elevation and the athleticism here by Stanley Johnson.”

That’s certainly an interesting comparison. It may even be apt. But will somebody please explain to Reggie Miller how reincarnation works? You have to be dead to be reincarnated. And I’m pretty sure LeBron is not dead. Probably.

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