UFC Fight Night 62: Ref’s Ridiculous Error Angers Dana White (Video)

UFC Fight Night 62 ref stoppage

UFC Fight Night 62: Maia vs. LaFlare saw six of the 12 bouts on the card end in submissions, although one of those was the result of some questionable refereeing that even had UFC President Dana White wondering what the f*&k just happened.

It took place just past the midway point of a preliminary bout between Leandro Silva and Drew Dober, as Silva appeared to have Dober in a weak guillotine choke.  After wiggling loose, Dober was on the verge of gaining top control of his opponent when referee Eduardo Herdy inexplicably called the fight, awarding Silva with the phantom submission victory.

Herdy must have thought Dober had either tapped out or was unconscious, but one look at the video below still has us wondering how someone so close to the action could have believed either of those scenarios to be the case.  Check it out:

To no one’s surprise, Dana White was not impressed with the referee’s decision, and he made that quite clear during the UFC Fight Night 62 post-fight press conference:

Congratulations, Mr. Eduardo Herdy.  You just made Dana White’s naughty list.

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