Darren Sharper Sentenced to Prison in Arizona, LA

Darren Sharper Sentenced Jail AZ, LA

Darren Sharper was sentenced to prison in two different states on Monday, first via video link in Phoenix, Arizona, then in Los Angeles, California.

Sharper pleaded guilty to sexual assault in Arizona and was sentenced to nine years in jail after admitting to sexually assaulting one woman and trying to attack another back in 2013.  Later in Los Angeles, where he has been serving his jail sentence, Sharper pleaded no-contest to charges of drugging and raping two women and will be forced to serve half of a 20-year-sentence with credit for time served—which works out to about nine years.

Under the terms of the agreement, Darren Sharper will serve the sentences concurrently in a federal prison.

He still has hearings scheduled in Las Vegas this week and in New Orleans next month for similar cases where the 39-year-old former NFL safety is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting women.  According to Sharper’s attorney, his client has reached plea deals in each of those cases as well.

In his Arizona case, Sharper admitted to only drugging one woman and trying to assault another, but police claim he actually drugged three women and raped two of them in an apartment in Tempe back in November 2013.  A search of the apartment uncovered a shot glass with traces of residue from a strong sedative by the name of Zolpidem, which Sharper had a prescription for.  He denied making the drinks, but one of the women claimed that she didn’t have a single alcoholic beverage that night until the former Packer, Viking and Saint forced her to have a shot.

Any man who travels across the country drugging and raping women the way Sharper did following his football career deserves to spend the rest of their life in prison, which is why it’s a shame to see Darren Sharper sentenced to just two concurrent nine-year terms.

Are you left unsatisfied?  I am.

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