Watch Paul Pierce Push Omri Casspi Into a Little Girl (Video)

Paul Pierce Push Omri Casspi

Need a reason to hate Paul Pierce?  Maybe the fact that he makes little girls cry will do the trick.

That’s not a lie or a fabrication either.  It’s true.  It happened during Sunday’s game between the Wizards and the Kings in Sacramento, when Pierce pushed Omri Casspi into some courtside seats along the baseline.  As a result of the push, Casspi took out a little girl seated in the front row, causing her to cry.  And it’s all Paul Pierce’s fault.

He received a flagrant 1 for the push, but I’m not satisfied.  Did the refs fail to take into consideration the little girl that was left in tears?

You can watch Paul Pierce push Omri Casspi into a little girl in the video below:

Hat Tip – [Vinny Viner]

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