Steven Gerrard Red Card: Liverpool Star Gets Ejected 37 Seconds Into Last Game at Old Trafford

steven gerrard red card

Steven Gerrard had a hell of a career for Liverpool and the English national team. But he’s old now, so it’s about time for the Premier League to put him out to the pasture that is Major League Soccer. And you know what that means: Steven Gerrard farewell tour!

Obvioulsy, the Steven Gerrard farewell tour is no Derek Jeter farewell tour, because Steven Gerrard is no Derek Jeter. But it’s still nice. And this weekend was an especially important stop on that tour, because it was Gerrard’s last game against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

Unfortunately, Gerrard’s last game at Old Trafford didn’t go very well. In fact, if you drew up a plan for the worst possible farewell Gerrard could have had, this would have been it. The guy got ejected 37 seconds after taking the field.

Steven Gerrard didn’t start the game, but he was subbed on to start the second half when Liverpool was trailing 1-0. And just 37 seconds into the half, he responded to a questionable tackle by Manchester’s Ander Herrera by stomping on his ankle. So the ref had no choice but to issue the Premier League great a straight red card.

Here is a nice little Vine that takes Gerrard’s brief 37-second appearance and whittles it down to an even briefer seven seconds:

Jeter would never have done something like that. Too classy.

As for Gerrard, the internet had a field day at his expense.

Damn, that last one cut deep.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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