Surprise Military Homecoming at Pistons Game Will Make You Want to Call Your Mom (Video)

surprise military homecoming

These surprise military homecoming videos just do not get old. They get predictable, so much so that you wonder how many military family members are actually surprised when they “win” VIP tickets to a sporting event. But these stories do not get boring.

Today’s surprise military homecoming video comes to us from the Detroit Pistons, who teamed up with U.S. Army Private Namon Bledsoe to surprise his mom at the Pistons’ game against the Bulls on Saturday night.

Bledsoe has been stationed in South Korea for the last year. Obviously, guarding the demilitarized zone on the Korean Peninsula is not quite as risky as fighting ISIS in Iraq, so his mother didn’t have to worry as much as other mothers. But she probably did, because that’s how mothers work. So things got pretty emotional when Gloria Gaynor (yes that Gloria Gaynor) told mom to go give her son a hug during the halftime show.

Check it out:

Seriously? You’re still here? Come on, go call your mom.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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