Wisconsin Players Are Really Fascinated by NCAA Tournament Stenographer (Video)

ncaa tournament stenographer

Everybody knows about courtroom stenographers. But did you know there are NCAA Tournament stenographers? Their job is to transcribe everything that’s said at the post-game press conferences so members of the media can pump out stories in a hurry with accurate quotes from players and coaches.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know about this. Usually the people who notice the stenographers are the reporters who rely on them.

That’s not the case this year, though. Thanks to a few Wisconsin players, everybody now knows about the NCAA Tournament stenographers. In fact, we know the Twitter handle of one of them. It’s @Saintsswimmom.

Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker, and Nigel Hayes noticed @Saintsswimmom doing her thing on Friday night after beating the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers. So afterward they came back out to check out her craft.

The AP’s Dave Skettra was there to witness the encounter:

Then, with the interview room lights turned down and nearly deserted, the three came bouncing back through the curtains and posted up right behind the stenographer. Like a trio of schoolchildren, they started peppering the woman responsible for transcribing their quotes with questions about how stenography works. Then, they started punching the keys on her machine to see what they would produce.“Whoa!” yelled Hayes, when his name popped up on the screen. “You got me!”

Here’s a video courtesy of Wisconsin basketball:

Obviously, after meeting the stenographer and seeing how her little machine works, these guys had to test her skills after their Round 2 win over Oregon on Sunday.

Based on the official transcript of Nigel Hayes’s hilarious remarks, I’d say she passed that test:

ncaa tournament stenographer wisconsin transcript round 2

Hayes was certainly impressed:

My bracket has the Badgers in the Final Four, so I was already rooting for them. But now I really hope they go far. I want to see what other tests they can come up with.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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