25 March Madness Memes That Pretty Much Sum Up Your Life Right Now

march madness memes

Are you completely obsessed with March Madness right now but struggling to explain it? Yeah, well, in case you haven’t noticed, so is the internet. So why fight the zeitgeist, man? Let’s all kick back and enjoy a bunch of March Madness memes that perfectly sum up our basketball-saturated lives at this exact moment.

Of course, if you are not obsessed with March Madness right now, but rather sick and tired of hearing everyone talk about it nonstop, hat’s totally cool, too! You can still enjoy these March Madness memes ironically, looking down on the rest of us sheep from your lofty intellectual perch. It will be totally meta. You’ll feel very superior.

In fact, you know what? However you feel about March Madness, you should go ahead and read and share this list so I don’t get fired. And because it’s good. But mostly so I don’t get fired. Deal?

Okay, then, let’s get started…



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