A Couple of Kids Made the Greatest Basketball Trick Shot Video Ever (Video)

basketball trick shot video

Tons of people have made basketball trick shot videos over the years, from video editing magicians like Dude Perfect to backyard enthusiasts with nothing but a swimming pool and a dream.

The video you’re about to see trumps them all, though. And the most amazing thing about it is that it’s four years old and it was made by a couple of kids.

Why is a basketball trick shot video that was uploaded to YouTube in 2011 going viral now? Because the kid who made it (who is still a kid, albeit an older one) decided to post it on reddit last night, where it got upvoted almost 4,000 times and made the front page.

What’s so amazing about it? It’s basically a parody of a basketball trick shot video. And it’s funny. And kids are not usually funny—or at least, not on purpose.

Take a look:

See? At first you’re like, oh, stupid kids made a stupid video that’s just stupid. But then he bounces the ball at the 0:26 mark and you’re like, oh, wait a minute. And by the time he’s rolling the ball at the 0:34 mark, you’re actually laughing out loud.

Pretty smart kid. His Twitter bio says he’s a future rocket scientist. I don’t think he’s kidding.

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