The Villanova Piccolo Girl Was on Jimmy Fallon Last Night (Video)

villanova piccolo girl tonight show jimmy fallon

If you have been following the 2015 NCAA Tournament at all, or you use Twitter of Facebook, you’ve probably heard about the Villanova Piccolo Girl, the member of the Villanova Pep Band shown crying on national TV during the Wildcats’ shocking upset at the hands of NC State on Saturday. She’s been all over the internet the last few days. First it was just the image of her sad, tear-stained face. Then she became a meme, and people started photoshopping Joe Biden and John Travolta in there.

Well, on Monday night we learned that Villanova Piccolo Girl actually has a name. It’s Roxanne Chalifoux, which is actually pretty awesome.

We learned this because Ms. Chailfoux was on The Tonight Show. She sat in with The Roots for a bit, had a little chat with Jimmy Fallon, and then got a gift basket and tickets to a Taylor Swift concert.

Of course, we learned almost nothing about Roxanne Chalifoux—not where she’s from, not what year she’s in at Villanova, and not even when she started playing the piccolo, which frankly seems like a pretty basic question. But we did learn that she was more worried about her dad seeing her cry than the entire world. Which is absoluteley adorable.

Take a look:

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