Wisconsin Star Frank Kaminsky Interviews Will Ferrell for Access Hollywood (Video)

wisconsin star frank kaminsky interviews will ferrell

It’s still too early to say who the star of the 2015 NCAA Tournament is with respect to actually playing basketball. However, with respect to non-basketball activities, it’s clearly a toss-up between Georgia State coach Ron Hunter and Wisconsin senior forward Frank Kaminsky.

Of course, you already know about Hunter. He’s the guy who popped his achilles when his team reached the tournament and then fell off his stool when his son hit the game-winning three from 650 feet out to beat Baylor in Round 1.

You might not be as familiar with Kaminsky, a.k.a. the Big Ten Trophy molester. He’s not just the best (18.2 PPG) or tallest (7’0″) player the Badgers have. He’s also the most popular and entertaining. In fact, his teammates call him “Frank the Tank,” a reference to a Will Ferrell character in Old School.

So why do I bring all this up? I bring it up because the Badgers are in Los Angeles right now preparing to play North Carolina in the Sweet 16 at the Staples Center. And on Tuesday, Access Hollywood had Frank Kaminsky interview Will Ferrell.

Check it out:

That was fun! However, if I were a Tar Heels fan I’d report this to the NCAA. I’m sure Kaminsky just broke a dozen of their ridiculous eligibility rules and will now have to be ruled out for Thursday’s game.

Sorry, Wisconsin.

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