Hockey Referee Knocked Out Cold After Player Knocks His Feet Out From Under Him (Video)

hockey referee knocked out

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a hockey referee knocked out cold before.

Unfortunately, it’s not as cool as I would have thought. In fact, it’s not cool at all. It’s actually pretty terrifying.

On Saturday, at a Ligue Nord-Américaine du Hockey playoff game between Éperviers de Sorel-Tracy and Cornwall, referee Jim Chandik was knocked unconscious for several minutes. Dominic Savoie of Sorel-Tracy was skating by when he inexplicably fell down, taking out Chandik’s legs from behind and sending him crashing to the ice, where he smacked the back of his head.

After laying on the ice for three minutes, medical staff helped Chandik to his feet, at which point he got a warm ovation from the crowd. And because in hockey even the refs are ridiculously tough, he would later return to finish the game. Which is nuts.

Take a look at the scary scene for yourself:

Of course, some folks on the internet have wondered whether Savoie took Chandik out intentionally. And that’s not as insane as it sounds. After all, this is the LNAH, a.k.a. the Quebec Goon League, we’re talking about. The league that gave us that epic brawl that yielded 112 penalty minutes before the game had even began and left one team’s owners suspended for two years. You really can’t put anything past this league.

That said, I don’t think Savoie did it on purpose. It’s far more likely that Savoie is just a really terrible skater. Because, again, it’s the LNAH.

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