The Yankees Recreated the Great Bambino Scene from “Sandlot.” Luckily, Nobody Invited A-Rod. (Video)

yankees great bambino scene from sandlot

Now that Derek Jeter is gone, the Yankees face a pretty big challenge.

No, I’m not talking about finding somebody to take his place at shortstop. Jeter has been a pretty below-average player the last few years. The Yanks can fill his spot on the roster with just about anybody and it’ll be an improvement.

What I’m talking about is marketing. For the last two decades, the New York Yankees’ strategy has been pretty simple: just run No. 2 out there in front of the cameras, have him flash his million dollar smile, sign a few autographs, and boom, everybody loves the Yankees. But now that Jeter has retired, that’s all out the window. Now, if the Yankees want people to not hate them, they’re gonna have to get creative

That’s what they’re trying to do with this spot in which Brett Gardner, Chase Headley, CC Sabathia, Didi Gregorius, Dellin Betances, David Carpenter, and Jacoby Ellsbury re-create the famous “Great Bambino” scene from the classic kid’s movie Sandlot:

Obviously, those guys are pretty brutal at acting. But at least A-Rod wasn’t in it. That was a major plus.

Here’s the original in case you’d like to compare:

I have to admit, I do hate the Yankees slightly less now.

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