Nigel Hayes on Press Conference Stenographer: “God She’s Beautiful” (Video)

nigel hayes press conference stenographer god she's beautiful

There are two things we know about Wisconsin sophomore Nigel Hayes besides the fact that he is good at basketball.

One, he is obsessed with stenographers. Two, he does not know how microphones work.

Last weekend in Omaha, Hayes and teammates Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker were utterly fascinated by the stenographer who transcribed their press conference. So after Wisconsin’s second round win over Oregon, Hayes decided to test the stenographer’s skills by throwing some difficult words at her—which she handled with ease.

Now Wisconsin is in Los Angeles for the Sweet 16, which means they get a new stenographer. However, at Wednesday’s press conference, Hayes wasn’t just impressed with the stenographer’s skills. He was also impressed by her beauty. And, apparently not aware that the microphones at his Sweet 16 press conference were actually on, he turned to Kaminsky and said, “God she’s beautiful.”

Take a look. His reaction upon realizing everyone heard him was priceless:

Of course, now you’re wondering who this beautiful stenographer is. Her name, it seems, is Deborah. And yes, she is easy on the eyes:

Unfortunately for Nigel, Deborah seems to be wearing a wedding ring. So I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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