Soccer Celebration Fail Leads to Easiest, Saddest Goal Ever (Video)

soccer celebration fail leads to easy goal

There are many lessons to be learned from this incredible soccer celebration fail.

First off, if you must celebrate a crucial goal as a team, do it on your opponent’s side of the center line so they can’t possibly kickoff while you’re still dancing.

However, if you absolutely insist on bringing the team celebration back to your side of the field, make sure your goalie at least stays in the net. Just in case.

But if for whatever reason you cannot get your goalie to stay in goal, when the referee asks for the ball, refuse to give it to him until your players are all back in place. Even if that means a yellow card.

Mozambique club Ferroviaro Maputo heeded none of these maxims in a recent match against Zambian side K-Stars in the Future Champions Gauteng International Tournament. After scoring on a nice little set-piece to take a 1-0 lead, the whole team gathered to celebrate in front of a group of their fans sitting in their end of the field. However, the celebration ran a little long. Thus, the goalie was still at midfield when the ref gave the K-Stars the ball. So they kicked off and fired the ball into the empty net to tie the game.

Take a look:

I don’t want to get all technical with the soccer lingo here, but that was really, really, really bad.

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