Tim Duncan Drained a Three-Pointer Because His Friend Bet Him He Couldn’t Do It (Video)

tim duncan three-pointer

Tim Duncan has accomplished just about everything an NBA center can accomplish. Five NBA Championships, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, two NBA MVP Awards, 15 All-Star Games, 10 times All-NBA First Team, eight times All-Defensive First Team, NBA Rookie of the Year—the guy has quite literally won EVERYTHING.

So what keeps the fire going for Duncan at the age of 38? Friendly wagers between friends, apparently.

On Wednesday night, one of Duncan’s best friends from college was in San Antonio watching the Spurs take on the Thunder. And that friend bet Duncan one hundred bucks he couldn’t drain a three-pointer during the game.

So what did Duncan do?

Yep. Tim Duncan three-pointer—just the second one all year.

Of course, his girlfriend, Vanessa Macias, made sure the whole world knew Tim had won the bet.

Right now, the entire city of Cleveland is hoping Tim Duncan’s friend doesn’t bet him he can’t win a sixth NBA Championship.

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