Dean Smith Will Leaves $200 to Each of His Former Players for “Dinner Out” (Pic)

dean smith will

The North Carolina Tar Heels may have been eliminated from the 2015 NCAA Tournament on Thursday, but Tar Heels fans still have reason to smile today thanks to Dean Smith.

The legendary men’s basketball coach passed away on February 7 at the age of 83. But on Thursday it was revealed that the Dean Smith will left specific instructions to give every single one of his former varsity lettermen $200 so they can enjoy a nice dinner out on him.

With approximately 180 former players, that works out to about $36,000.

I don’t know about you, but that’s just about the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Dean Smith always took care of his players, from recruiting black players in the 1960s and promoting desegregation in Chapel Hill, to making sure they took their studies seriously and achieving a 96.6% graduation rate. But who knew he would keep looking out for his players even after he was gone.

Obviously, a lot of Dean Smith’s former players don’t need his help to enjoy a nice meal at a fine restaurant. Michael Jordan probably spends $200 on designer matches to light his cigars. But anyone with a heart has got to be incredibly moved by this.

Former UNC center Serge Zwikker certainly was. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Zwikker teared up when he opened the letter and saw the check. He said he’ll never cash it.

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