Ludacris Says New Track “Beast Mode” Was Inspired by Marshawn Lynch (Videos)

ludacris track beast mode inspired by marshawn lynch

Ludacris has a new album coming out on Tuesday, March 31, which features a track called “Beast Mode.”

With a name like that, you could forgive Marshawn Lynch for being so vain as to think the song is about him. But it’s not. It’s just inspired by the Seahawks running back.

As Luda explained this week on ESPN 2’s His & Hers, in “Beast Mode” he runs over the music industry and other rappers with his lyrics the way Marshawn plows through opponents on the field. And of course, the explanation is both clever and true. The song is three and a half minutes long, there are over 500 words in the lyrics, and there’s a burn in just about every line.

Here’s Luda talking about the song and its upcoming video, which will feature Marshawn Lynch. If you know anything about Ludacris videos, it should be pretty good:

Meanwhile, here is the song if you want to have a listen. Be warned, though: it’s extremely NSFW:

I don’t know about you, but he had me at “rappers confused like barber,” which might be one of the greatest lines in the history of rap. And it’s totally true— has really stupid hair.

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