Here’s a Video of Shirtless Gronk Twerking on a Yacht in Miami

gronk twerking

The Ultra electronic music festival is happening this weekend in Miami. With the biggest names in EDM headlining, the entire city is going to be one epic party. So of course New England Patriots dancing machine Rob Gronkowski is there. A quick search at our Gronk archives here at Total Pro Sports yielded no fewer than six stories about Gronk dancing. He wouldn’t miss a party like this for the world. And while, technically, the festival does not get underway until tonight, Gronk arrived in Miami earlier this week to get warmed up.

There he is above, shirtless, on a motherf#@%&in’ boat, just chilling. And there he is below, still shirtless, but this time twerking on said boat’s dance floor. Even though nobody else is partying, because it’s clearly the middle of the goddamn afternoon:

Man, this guy just doesn’t have a care in the world, does he? He’s like a happy puppy dog. And I mean that in the best possible way.

In any case, just so you don’t go worrying about Gronk getting skin cancer from all that exposure to the sun, here’s a pic of him with his shirt actually on for once. (Also pictured: hot babes.)

gronk twerking miami

Brace yourself, Miami. You’re about to get Gronked.

Hat Tip – [Man Cave Daily]

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