The 9 Worst Local Commercials Starring Pro Athletes

worst local commercials starring pro athletes

If you haven’t seen any of Timofey Mozgov’s soon-to-be-infamous local commercials for something called the Brew Garden, do yourself a favor and check it out now. You’ll be very happy you did. You can find it right here.

Amazing, isn’t it? Of course, this is hardly one of the first terrible local commercials a pro athlete has done, and it certainly won’t be the last. That said, these days the rift between big national ad campaigns and tiny Ma-and-Pa production is bigger than ever before. Even though the production values are getting closer together, local commercials just look so…cheap. Which is why most athletes stay away from them.

However, there are all sorts of reasons to get suckered in. Not just the money (which can’t be THAT much, actually), but there’s also a possible relationship with the proprietor, or just the fact that you can knock this thing out in an hour and get back to you video games.

And yet these things have incredible staying power. They don’t get any less hilarious, or more dignified, with age. So take a look at the nine worst local commercials starring pro athletes. Could these be considered among the worst local commercials of all-time, regardless of who’s starring in them? Yes. They most definitely could.


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