Watch Andre Deveaux Attack a Player During Warm-Ups (GIF)

Andre Deveaux

The name Andre Deveaux might not mean a lot to you. He used to play in the NHL, but now it looks like his biggest claim to fame is a nefarious one. Andre Deveaux was sitting idly by during warm-ups before a Swedish playoff game when he just blindsided opponent Per Helmersson with a slash to the leg, then a violent follow-up to the player’s head.

It’s hard to tell what precipitated the outburst, but it’s pretty clear that Andre Deveaux had blood on the brain as he entered the ice with the sole purpose of cheap shotting another player. Here’s a GIF that will probably beg more questions than it answers:

Andre Deveaux

Remarkably, Deveaux doesn’t seem like he was ejected prior to the game, and even managed to log an assist. It’s likely that a suspension will be forthcoming, but how frustrating must it be for Helmersson to have this guy attack him, then have to watch him go unpunished?

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