The Bulls Bench Did ‘The Wave’ As They Blew Out the Knicks (Video)

Bulls bench

The Knicks are a bad enough team (yes, again) that teams are needing to create their own fun just to stay interested in their blowout contests. On Saturday, we saw the Bulls bench get involved in the wave, amidst a 31-point blowout, a surefire sign that maybe the Knicks aren’t the adversary on the court that Jimmy Dolan and Spike Lee would want them to be.

And it’s not like the players involved were D-leauge call-ups with 10-day contracts. It was Joakim Noah and Jimmy Butler, the team’s two best players who were giving their legs a rest as their team enjoyed a wide margin of victory over the Knicks. When Noah and Butler are on the Bulls bench, it’s a pretty good sign that the Bulls are either winning by a lot or losing by a lot.

Here’s the action shot. Hang on to your hats:

At least it wasn’t the kiss cam.

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